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registered charity - Number 1149005 Helping with bereavement after stillbirth and neonatal death. Abigail’s Footsteps was launched in 2010 by parents Jo and David Ward following the death of their daughter Abigail Ward who was stillborn at 41 weeks gestation. Abigail’s Footsteps achieved charitable status on the 18th September 2012.

15 babies are either stillborn or die a neonatal death every single day in the United Kingdom. Despite this shocking statistic, many hospitals remain ill prepared to deal with these events. Staff often receive little or no bereavement training and facilities are inadequate.

We have made it our mission to provide healthcare professionals with bereavement care training and support to ensure that bereaved parents receive the highest standard of care, following the death of a much loved baby.

To provide the necessary equipment in each maternity unit to preserve a stillborn baby until at least the day after the mother’s discharge from hospital.

By making the best use of hospital architecture and layout; fund sensitively designed delivery rooms located away from maternity wards in each on Britain’s maternity units.

Beanstalk is a national literacy charity that recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading. Beanstalk's vision is that all children and young people have the essential skills they need to grow up and lead successful lives. We are seeking volunteers who can help in local schools and encourage children who struggle with reading. To find out how to volunteer, visit or contact the Kent and Medway branch on 01622 662026.

People can live and work, sharing a life together, but retaining their own dignity and independence. At Emmaus, everyone is accepted for who they are now, not judged on what they might have been in the past.

There are no rules about how long a companion may stay, provided they abide by the principles of Emmaus and the spirit of the community.

Being a community is not just a matter of living together, it requires commitment. All companions must respect each other and contribute to the well-being of the community. They must abide by the rules. No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed in any Emmaus community.


We help families of high risk pregnancies, premature babies & those who have suffered loss. We support through counselling, a Baby Memorial Garden, 'buddying' & a forum. We provide specialist equipment to identify symptons earlier in order to have a positive outcome & research baby loss so more effective intervention & prevention may be established leading to the UK's statistics becoming lower.

Step and Learn would like to welcome you to our centre for children with Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental delay and associated motor dissorders. We are a centre dedicated to assisting children to reach their full potential.

In order for your child to achieve we rely heavily on your participation and co-operation, you are at the forefront of your child’s development.

We supply information and guidance to enable your child to reach their full potential through a broad and balanced curriculum, using play to stimulate and motivate. We aim to give your child the knowledge they need to become as independent as possible.

Step and Learn promotes the positives of life and assist the child to say “I can” instead of “I can’t”

Our aim, like Andras Peto the Hungarian founder of Conductive Education, is to view the child holistically, educating and motivating the child through play to become active participants throughout their daily lives.

Our early intervention programme for pre-school children from birth to five years incorporates the educational values of the Great British governments Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) principals and invites the parent/carers to be fully involved throughout their child’s learning process.

Through play our children develop self-awareness, confidence, and a sense of achievement. Through songs they develop rhythm and intention to carry out physically challenging tasks, such as changing position and place. Our children are also encouraged to further develop their communication skills by speaking, eye-pointing, or through the use of touch.

Our team of dedicated professional practitioners will not only offer support and guidance to the child and family throughout the programme, but will go further by promoting collaboration between all professionals working alongside the child and family, to secure a continuity of care, in-order that the child reaches their full potential.