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We love supporting local communities

Athletix Kidz is a multi-event play programme for children between the ages of 2 ½ - 8 years old where we are introducing the basic skills for running, jumping and throwing whilst having lots of fun. What we are always looking to achieve at Athletix Kidz is that we enable your children to develop their social, physical and psychological skills each term improving all the time. We want to find the next aspiring Dina Asher Smith, Greg Rutherford or the new Jessica Ennis-Hill.

YMCA East Surrey is a vibrant, local charity that has been responding to the needs of individuals and communities since 1871. Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to develop to their full potential with a focus on those who are vulnerable or face disadvantage. We aim to be a resource for the local community and its needs, enhancing the ‘mind body and spirit’ of local people, especially the young.

YMCA East Surrey offers a wide range of wholly inclusive, local services from sport and fitness to counselling and therapies, supported housing and youth work to children’s play and volunteering.
* Health & Wellbeing
* Housing
* Children’s Services
* Youth Work
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