We love supporting local communities

Athletix Kidz is a multi-event play programme for children between the ages of 2 ½ - 8 years old where we are introducing the basic skills for running, jumping and throwing whilst having lots of fun. What we are always looking to achieve at Athletix Kidz is that we enable your children to develop their social, physical and psychological skills each term improving all the time. We want to find the next aspiring Dina Asher Smith, Greg Rutherford or the new Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Pro Clinic is one of the only providers of combined Osteopathy and Physiotherapy within Surrey, providing a multi-faceted holistic approach to promote wellbeing.At Pro Clinic all clinicians are registered with their discipline governing bodies and undergo annual clinical professional development (CPD) further promoting their skillset.Due to Pro Clinic’s significant involvement in amateur and professional sports, we can also provide advice and training to further facilitate a return to full function.We are a unique practice that is heavily engaged in professional sports. We are ideally positioned to understand the demands of sport on the body which benefits all of our patients.