Latest News In Maidstone

18th Jul 2018

Disabled man struggled to escape home during blaze

A disabled man says despite living on the ground floor he struggled to escape his home during a fire.
17th Jul 2018

Take dangerous slime off shelves, says toy shop boss

Dangerous slime toys should be taken off shelves "straight away" according to a shop owner after an investigation raised safety concerns.
17th Jul 2018

Thieves laughed as they fled with stairlift

A disabled woman's been left "extremely distraught and nervous" after thieves swiped her stairlift and fled.
17th Jul 2018

Decision on selling land for controversial housing plans deferred

Permission for the land to be built on was granted last year but the council still own some of the land and need to decide what to do with it.
17th Jul 2018

Bonfire spreads across dry grass

A bonfire grew out of control after spreading through dry grass to a nearby shed.
16th Jul 2018

Video: Have you had enough of the sun?

Kent's heatwave is showing no signs of disappearing, but is the sticky heat getting a bit too much now? We asked shoppers...
16th Jul 2018

Too hot to teach?

A secondary school has closed early today... due to hot weather.
16th Jul 2018

Green flags for Kent parks

Kent's parks have been recognised with more than 30 Green Flag Awards - here's where to find your nearest one.
16th Jul 2018

'We could have been killed'

A 76-year-old woman has described the horrifying moment a pensioner crashed a car into her garden fence, narrowly missing a passing schoolboy.
16th Jul 2018

Groundforce helpers give Trinity her dream garden

A group from Hire a Hubby joined forces to help transform the garden.
16th Jul 2018

Barge arsonist treated for mental health issues

A hospital order will be made for a teenager who set fire to a £200,000 barge and started several other fires.
15th Jul 2018

Pranksters sneak into pool after closing time

Men filmed themselves sneaking into a leisure centre at night and playing in the pool.