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We love supporting local communities

Pets are our Passion and that's why Chums4Pets was started.

We invite you to check out our services on line at www.Chums4Pets.co.uk and follow our blog online too.

Chums4Pets is an introduction Membership facility pairing all domestic pets with pet loving chums-friends so that no pet ever has to be lonely again! Whether you need a little help for walks, grooming, pet day care or holiday care chums4pets is a great resource available for both expected & unexpected moments!!!

We can help you to find help with any domestic pet from dogs and cats to goldfish to horses and anything inbetween!

Three simple steps stand between you and finding a Pet-Tastic friend for life.

Step 1. Create your Pet Owner / Pet Chums membership profile - You will then be able to search for matches for free

Step 2. Subscribe and authenticate. Once you have had the opportunity to seek a suitable match, we will guide you through the authentication process, you will need to pay your annual subscription fee and then you will be able to contact as many animal loving members as you wish / need for the next year!

Step 3. Pet, Meet & Greet. We suggest you get to know each other and share important details about the animals including what you are hoping to achieve. It may be best to chat via email and via the old dog and bone (or phone as more commonly known) before scheduling a get together to meet one another!