Latest News In Epsom

16th Aug 2017

Passengers will feel ‘angry and frustrated’ by hikes in rail fares, says county councillor

Passengers will feel ‘angry and frustrated’ by hikes in rail fares, a senior Surrey County Councillor has said.
16th Aug 2017

Man arrested in connection with Coulsdon model's alleged kidnapping

Police investigating the alleged kidnapping of a Coulsdon model in Italy have arrested the brother of the chief suspect in the West Midlands.
16th Aug 2017

A 'teenage' owl has fallen in love with a massive statue at Chessington Zoo

Teenage years can be tough, and many struggle with increasing social pressures, finding out their identity and often their first love.
16th Aug 2017

This Epsom church is preparing to bless your pets on Sunday

If you ever wished you could bring your pet along to church with you then here is your chance.
16th Aug 2017

A father who lost his son to a rare cancer is going through a gruelling challenge to raise money to save other children

An Epsom man who lost his son to neuroblastoma four years ago is now running in four marathons in as many months to raise funds for a children’s cancer charity.
16th Aug 2017

Here's how Tesco carrier bags have helped a Surrey charity

A Surrey charity is celebrating after three of its community-based projects were given a helping hand by a supermarket.
16th Aug 2017

A man's skull has been fractured in an altercation outside an Epsom nightclub

A man’s skull was fractured after an altercation outside an Epsom nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.
15th Aug 2017

Ghandi chose a Tadworth woman's father to help bring peace in India after mass killings 70 years ago

A Tadworth woman’s father was personally picked by Ghandi to be on a committee to broker peace between Muslims and Hindus after widespread rioting.
15th Aug 2017

Epsom man charged with running brothel enters plea

An Epsom man accused of running a brothel has denied the charge.
15th Aug 2017

Rail fares could increase by 3.6 per cent next year

Rail fares are set to rise by around 3.6 per cent in January next year, affecting commuters as season tickets and some return fares.
15th Aug 2017

Nearly 40 vehicles from 15 manufacturers were recalled last month - see if yours was one of them

Nearly 40 vehicles from 15 manufacturers were recalled last month due to faulty parts, accessories or other concerns.
15th Aug 2017

Tesco recalls product containing egg because of health risk fears

Tesco is recalling a batch of a food product because it contains egg, which is not mentioned on the label.