Latest News In Cobham & Esher

19th Mar 2019

Footballer backs charity campaign to fight stigma around men asking for help

The Samaritans have set up a new campaign to continue battling the stigma around men seeking help.
14th Mar 2019

No-deal Brexit rejected: How MPs in SW London and N Surrey voted last night

MPs voted to rule out a no-deal withdrawal from the European Union in Parliament in a dramatic Commons vote last night.
12th Mar 2019

Mothercare sells Early Learning Centre to help pay off debts

Mothercare is selling its Early Learning Centre business to toy chain The Entertainer.
12th Mar 2019

Storm Gareth to batter London with 80mph winds and possibility of flooding

Storm Gareth is set to bring up to 80mph winds over the next few days, but what is causing it?
11th Mar 2019

UK 'porn block' to be introduced next month amid concerns for children

Porn will no longer be accessible online from next month unless you can prove you are over 18 years old.
11th Mar 2019

Weather warning issued as London braces itself for a week of 'gale force' winds

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for more very strong winds over the next week.
11th Mar 2019

Motorists who run over cats will need to report it to police under new law

Motorists who run over a cat would need to report it to police as campaigners demand for a change in law at Westminster.
8th Mar 2019

Cervical cancer - how to prevent it and what a smear test involves

'Smear tests' are an essential part of preventing cervical cancer, but what is it and what can you do?
8th Mar 2019

What is endometriosis? The long-term condition that can stop you getting pregnant

Endometriosis affects thousands of women every year, but what is it and how can you spot it?
7th Mar 2019

Have you spoken to your children about sending nudes? Police are urging you to do so

Have you ever spoken to your child about sending nude photos?
7th Mar 2019

Lynx floating speaker recalled due to safety risk from overheating

An urgent recall has been put out on a number of Lynx products as they "pose a risk" to the customers.
7th Mar 2019

World Book Day - Send us your wonderful photos

Today is World Book Day and we hope that all the kids in SE London have dressed up.