Latest News In Cobham & Esher

17th Jan 2019

What can you do when you see a rough sleeper in freezing conditions?

At times of extreme weather there are still homeless people on the streets in dangerous conditions, so here is what you can do if you see someone.
16th Jan 2019

These are the days when snow is predicted for London in the next few weeks

It's winter, which means it's likely there'll be snow at some point - and we can show when it is being predicted.
16th Jan 2019

Police warning to idiots walking onto railway tracks blindfolded in 'Bird Box' challenge

British Transport Police have had to put out a warning about stupid people blindfolding themselves and walking onto live railway tracks.
16th Jan 2019

14-year-old Kingston boy charged following Thames Ditton stabbing

A 14-year-old boy from Kingston has been charged following a stabbing over the weekend.
16th Jan 2019

How MPs in SW London and N Surrey voted on May's deal

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a vote of no confidence as MPs voted overwhelmingly against her Brexit deal in what was the largest defeat of modern Parliamentary history.
15th Jan 2019

Police chase down man on foot only to find he was carrying a knife

A man has been arrested after he led police on a foot chase through West Molesey.
15th Jan 2019

Underage drinking and sex is having a 'detrimental effect' on Walton town centre, council says

Reports of underage drinking and sexual activity in Walton town centre have decreased, but restrictions in the area aren't about to let up.
15th Jan 2019

Why Gillette's new 'toxic masculinity' ad inspired by #MeToo is upsetting some people

A new Gillette advert telling men to be better is under fire for purportedly presenting an unfair view of male behaviour.
10th Jan 2019

Safe sex warning after two women infected with super-gonorrhoea

Two women have been infected with super-gonorrhoea, leading to sexual health doctors to reinforce the importance of safe sex.
9th Jan 2019

Veterans suffering with mental heath problems to be given more help with housing - is it enough?

Armed forces personnel and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues are to be given priority for social housing under new Government proposals.
8th Jan 2019

Councils call on Government to reform apprenticeship levy following drop in applications

The number of residents from south London starting an apprenticeship has fallen by over a quarter in the last year, following the introduction of a Government levy.  7,390 people from Richmond, Croydon, Sutton, Merton and Kingston, signed up for apprenticeships in 2017/18, compared to 10,030 in 2016/17.  A major change to the funding of apprenticeships was introduced in April 2017 with the start of the government’s Apprenticeship Levy.
8th Jan 2019

Blue Monday 2019 - what is it and why is it so miserable?

Blue Monday, typically placed on the third Monday of January, is described as the most miserable day of the year, but why?