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Latest News

Twenty-five firefighters were called to a car park in Kingston this afternoon.
A man has been jailed following the murder of a 'friendly pensioner' from Teddington.
A variety show has raised thousands of pounds in memory of a Banstead grandmother lost to a brain tumour.
A teenager from Epsom was jailed for 58 months after he was found guilty of stabbing a man near a train station.
A Kingstonian chef who competed in this year's Masterchef TV show is live cooking improvised dishes at a London art gallery next week.
The headteacher at the school of a student who died at Chertsey station on Monday issued a heart-rending letter informing parents about the incident.
"For many years I have wanted to trace my family history on my father’s side.  I knew a lot about my mother’s ancestors but very little about my father, although whilst he was alive he had started to put together what he knew of our family tree.  My son bought me some vouchers with Merlin Genealogy Solutions and I met up with Elizabeth Owen, armed with what I knew so far.  The brief was to trace the family tree as far back as possible, and to my delight when presented with the results, Elizabeth has succeeded in going back to my great, great, great grandfather.  She has produced considerable detail for each person, such as birth place and occupation and throughout the project; she has worked closely with me, explaining what she has found and adding in additional information to really help me understand the family background.  It has been such an exciting experience and I am now planning the next stages.  Elizabeth works with clients on an individual basis, taking great care to cover exactly what is required and adapting her approach accordingly.  I can highly recommend Merlin Genealogy Solutions to anyone interested in their family background.  "
- C Tebbutt - Cheam – Surrey
"My husband and I played tennis but just as a holiday habit. I had played as a junior but was too nervous to join a Tennis Club as I thought everyone would be so much better and I would feel embarrassed. We dared ourselves to try out Downs and I can only say it is one of the best things we have ever done. The people were so kind, understanding and welcoming. We have made so many new friends, got fitter and enhanced our lives."
- Emma Cork
"So I did this class this morning and it was fab! A proper workout but was fun too! Definitely recommend to people of all abilities who want to loose weight, get in shape and get healthy!!! Great to have a trainer there to ensure you are doing things properly to get the most benefit x #StrengthRocks."
- Zoe